K Toukhy
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K Toukhy

exploding time
fuzzy haired terrified girl is running
viscera in grain mind racing
rubber shoe rhinestone bow
clip of hair blasted feet
ribbons smoking surround her
absorbing all consequence triggered 
behind her cemented future
generations in shopping bags
sold out pawns crossing rivers
of themselves a course off all heads
sadness shouldered over cast lead sky and sea
who does violence turn into
her heart is crater analysis
a body of proof disregarded
balance of a world off axis
beauty molting steel
a girl a flame consuming 
don’t tell her it’s not her fault
don’t speak of worth of value
don’t mention wrong and rights
she can’t hear you and you
always look away she can’t 
afford picking up less of herself 
each time maze set up to lose what’s left
she gathers clippings plants shrapnel
scraps of sense floral fragile damaged
wild eyed terrified girl is running
searching for living room
ringing bells for ghosts to follow
                                                    suheir hammad

Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton MA by Andrea Schwartz on Flickr.

Egypt’s legendary belly dancer Taheyya Kariokka by Bob Landry (1942)


More signs from #nyc4gaza protest #nyc (at Times Square NYC)